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Product Specification

Operation ModeTable Top
TypeUltrasonic Wave Nebulizer
Packing TypeBox
Age GroupAdult, Children

Product Description

We offer Nebulizer Machine at standard market prices. These are used in the treatment of various respiratory diseases like asthma, COPD, etc. These comprise of a mask which enables the inhalation of medicines directly into the lungs, which provides instant relief to the patient. By using compressed air, these convert the medicinal solutions into mist which is taken in by the user. These are compact in design, lightweight and portable. These can be easily cleaned and are highly user friendly.Nice and light shap.Lack of liquid medicine protecgting function.Preciese Nebulization time setting.Quick drain of sink.Adjustable Nebulization and wind level.Convenient handle.Specially designed liquid filler is convenient for fillmedicine during treatment.Air distribution system is easy to disamount and clean.Used in clinics, therapist's office or in the home.