Pediatric Ventilator

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The Stellar 150 Ventilator, which can be used in a hospital or home setting, treats a wide variety of patients and adapts to their changing needs. With this BIPAP/CPAP accessory, caretakers and clinical staff have access to real-time therapy information on the colored LCD screen that displays pressure and flow curves, minute ventilation, respiratory rate, and leak and synchronization information. The back of the unit contains an oxygen inlet, an easy-connect FiO2 kit and a pulse oximetry connection for easy SpO2 monitoring. Manage patient conditions with iVAPS technology, which provides intelligent volume-assured pressure support, and the TiControl that controls inspiratory time limits. This feature-rich ventilator offers intelligent therapy in a portable device.

Product Benefits:

Learns the patient's breathing rate and adjusts to synchronize

Accounts for anatomical dead space based on height

Intelligent back-up rate allows for a cough or sigh with no disruption in synchronization

Internal battery equips patients on the move

Delivers high performance more quietly